Adoption placement works to place children considered to have special needs with families who reside in Mississippi and meet the eligibility requirements. The children to whom the adoption program specifically caters are those considered hard to place such as older children, those aging out of foster care, children with special needs, sibling groups, and those who have been abandoned, neglected or abused.  Pre-adoptive and post-adoptive services are provided to families to help them adjust to the new addition to their home.

During the past 20 years we have been blessed to have completed five adoptions. We didn’t know God would bring our children to us this way but we are so glad He did. Each child has had their own unique needs. It has truly been an honor and huge blessing to be their parents. Parental love, church, prayer, a consistent home life, and the freedom to homeschool have allowed each to excel in their lives.

We moved to Vicksburg from a large city so that we could focus on raising our children in a stable environment that would allow us to spend our time with our children rather than commuting to and from my husband’s work place. That move has proved to be the right one for us.

Two of our children are special needs. We never would have thought that we would be parents of a special needs child and we are blessed to have two of them. I would like to focus on the two special needs children in this testimony.

While walking through Walmart in 2004, we saw a picture of a little girl being held by Jesus. At the time, we had two little boys and my husband looked at the picture and said just as I was thinking the same thing, “We need a daughter”. We contacted the agency from whom we adopted our two little boys regarding a girl. What transpired shortly after that changed our lives forever. We felt a strong need to say in our initial phone call that we were open to a child difficult to place.

Six weeks later we received a call about a child who needed a home that was special needs. Our hearts were open and 18 days later, our baby girl arrived in our home. She was born with 12 minutes of oxygen loss and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She required a room full of medical equipment, was fed through a feeding tube (which we had no idea how to do so our doctor showed us), and we were told that she would basically be a vegetable for life.

God had different plans and through prayer and devoting our time and energy towards her recovery, a wonderful church family and doctor she began to miraculously eat on her own and started becoming more and more normal every day. Currently she still requires assistance in walking and eating, but her beaming smile, lack of any special equipment (which was all gone in the first year), and mental and physical development still amazes us. We are thrilled and honored for the miracles God has done in her life and that He chose us to be her parents.

Our second girl arrived in 2012. While looking at, our hearts went out to a little girl who lived in a state facility. She was diagnosed with profound mental retardation and intermittent explosive disorder due to a head injury. After inquiring, we realized that she needed parents badly even though it was unsure how she would be able to function outside of a facility. We were willing to adopt her no matter what her needs would be. She has been another beautiful blessing to our lives.

We have just completed adopting an older child who was in foster care most of their life and thrilled to have a forever family. They were a part of our family from the first day and it is as if they have always been here; another huge blessing.

We have learned that God has more than one way to bring a husband and wife their children. We are thrilled that God brought us our children this way.


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