Mississippi Families For Kids’ outreach programs and Support Services provide on-going support, Intervention and resources to families who have adopted or who are thinking about adoption. The services include:

  • Lending Library
  • Family Support Groups
  • Grandparent Support Services
  • Kinship Care
  • Staff Development Training
  • Professional Adoptive and Foster Parent Training
  • Statewide Parent Support Groups
  • Resources and Assessment Services
  • Training in Behavior Management
  • Intervention services for Early Childhood Education

Relatives Raising Others’ Children (ROC) is a division of kinship care that provides resources and assistance to family members who are rearing their kin. The ROC program is primarily lead by grandparents and other caregivers that are ready for change as it relates to their needs being addressed to better care for others’ children. The ROC program provides access to services and resources in their own communities, builds community resources and formal support for children being raised by relative caregivers, and creates a network of community agencies that will partner to provide specialized services that meet caregivers’ needs.

Rated Positive Girls (Rated PG) is a unique preventative program for young girls ages 6-18 guided by youth. The program is designed to help develop young, impressionable girls into beautiful, happy, mature and well-adjusted adults. Girls will have an opportunity to express themselves and become educated in include peer pressure/ relationships, body image insecurity/ self-esteem, bullying, anger management, depression/ anxiety, and stress/ school frustrations.

FLY Guys ( Future Leading Youth) is a young males support group for ages 6-18. Discussions and activities utilize the life experiences of respectable men from the community to teach young people how to deal with life’s challenges and mature into productive citizens. Meetings cover issues such as emotional intelligence, self-control, anger management, logical consequences, decision-making, personal achievement, responsibilities, and self-love.