Can Your Family Make a Difference?


On any day in Mississippi, the number of children in foster care totals more than 3,000. Many of these children have the goal of adoption as their permanent plan.

We are in search of families who…

  • Will provide a child with a loving, safe and secure home environment and give him or her the opportunity to learn and develop into a responsible adult.
  • Will parent a child in a positive, and any discipline will be determined in such a way as to preserve the dignity and well-being of the child.

We want to find families for all of these children because no child should face the world without a family.

Who Are the Children Who Wait?

They are toddlers and adolescents, sibling groups of two or more waiting and needing a place together and children with physical and/or emotional challenges. They are just like the children in your neighborhood, in your church or in your community. They all need someone willing to accept their gifts as well as their challenges. Most importantly, these children need someone who will make a life-long commitment to them.

Did You Know

  • You must be 21 years or older to adopt.
  • You can be married, divorced, single, male or female to adopt.
  • You just have to be able to support yourself and the children you wish to adopt.
  • You don’t have to own your own home, just have enough space for the child.
  • You can be a working parent or stay-at-home parent.
  • Once the adoption is finalized, all legal rights are transferred to the adoptive parent.
  • Financial assistance may be available to aid with the cost of adoption.

Adoption Services

Mississippi Families for Kids has recruited and provided adoption services for over 2,500 families and children. Our primary goal is to promote family support and consistent casework services to increase the growth and development of families and children.

Services provided to adoptive parents include:

  • Domestic and International Adoptions.
  • Location and matching of children with prospective families
  • Pre-adoptive group seminars
  • Support groups for adoptive parents and children
  • Full legal services for the finalization of adoption
  • Comprehensive home study services and post-placement follow-up
  • 24-hour hotline for adoptive families in need of crisis intervention

For more information on the adoption process, contact
Brittney Johns, Adoption Recruiter at 601-957-7670 ext. 103